Partnership 2016

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14th June 2016


Islamic Relief USA



Partnership 2016

Working together for

The past year at Islamic Relief USA has been one of expansion in several new directions, together with you.

We’ve been working together for marginalized people. Social injustice is not just outside our borders. It affects people of all backgrounds, across many states. We’ve been working with friends on Native American reservations, inner cities and rural areas. We’ve been working together for the voiceless—speaking out for Syrians and for the world’s women at the White House, on Capitol Hill, and at the United Nations. We’ve been working together to bring food to the hungry—in Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Central African Republic, South Sudan and many more countries, and for refugees far from their homes as well. We’ve been working together for health—strengthening health systems in Pakistan, bringing emergency care to Rohingya camps in Myanmar, and fighting ebola in Guinea. We’ve been working together to bring water to those who need it, from Ethiopia to Albania to Flint, Michigan.



Islamic Relief USA (2016) Partnership 2016, Islamic Relief, Alexandria, VA.


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