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7th October 2015


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Partnership (Spring 2003 Issue no. 22)

The Newsletter of Islamic Relief

IR Launches 10 million Euro appeal for Iraq

On 25th March, Islamic Relief launched 10 million euro appeal for Iraq at the House of Commons in London, UK. The high profile event was attended by Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum as well as by the media and other charities including Human Relief Foundation, Help the Needy, Christian Aid, Muslim Aid, Families Relief, Muslim Hands and Oxfam.

The aim of the launch was to raise awareness about the ongoing humanitarian tragedy in Iraq, and the anticipated effects of the current war. Islamic Relief hope to mobilise the British public to support the humanitarian efforts in Iraq.


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Islamic Relief Worldwide (2003), Partnership (Spring 2003 Issue no. 22), Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, UK.


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