Partnership Summer 2008 Issue 34

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16th June 2008


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Partnership (Summer 2008, Issue 34)

The ultimate challenge: Global Food Crisis

In this issue we look at one of the most serious challenges faced by the world today: the global food crisis. As a consequence of shortfalls in supply, higher levels of demand and rising fuel prices, the cost of food is rising rapidly. The effect has been most acute on the poorest. In these most vulnerable communities rates of malnutrition amongst children are rising and without assistance, the lives of thousands of children are at risk.

Islamic Relief works in some of the countries worst affected by the food crisis. In Ethiopia, we are working with pastoralist communities to help them improve the health of their livestock, and access food and clean water. We are also working in Kenya to provide sources of clean water, help people grow their own food and provide vulnerable children with supplementary food.


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Islamic Relief Worldwide (2008), Partnership (Summer 2008, Issue 34)


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