Prevention of Blindness (POB) AJK

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9th April 2015


Islamic Relief Pakistan



Prevention of Blindness (POB) AJK

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Considerable efforts are underway worldwide to minimize the huge backlog of curable blindness. The optimistic prospective may be 80% avoidable blindness out of the total global blindness. 90% of total visually impaired live in developing countries where eye care facilities are not adequately available that can deal with the menace of blindness in proportion with its incidence (continuously increasing new cases). The reasons include the lack of appropriate technology & human resources, lack of awareness and poor socioeconomic status being one of the major barriers to utilize the existing eye care services.



Islamic Relief Pakistan [n.d], Prevention of Blindness (POB) AJK , Islamic Relief Pakistan, Islamabad [Online] Available:


  • Prevention of Blindness (POB) AJK
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