Syria Emergency Response 2012-2014

Publication date

20th February 2015


Abdelrahman Essam & Mohammed Ammar



Syria Emergency Response 2012-2014


Many refugees have lost family members, witnessed violence, and fled the destruction of their homes and cities, only to find themselves still living in fear abroad. The humanitarian needs of refugees are increasing with no sufficient funds to meet those needs. The security situation in Syria has deteriorated with on-going violence in the north and east Raqqa, Hassakeh, Deir ez Zour and Idlib governorates.

The intensification of conflict in Idlib continues to limit the provision of humanitarian assistance to the people in need. Damage anddestruction in Syria is also expected to lead to a fuel shortage and a significant reduction in safe drinking water, and the health system is collapsing due to the destruction of hospitals and a critical shortage of medicine and equipment. Conflict in Syria has also caused widespread damage to civilian infrastructure, in particular to school facilities; reports indicate that across Syria more than 1,500 schools are occupied by armed forces or used as collective shelters and over 3,000 have been damaged by the conflict.



Islamic Relief Wordlwide (2014) Syria Emergency Response. Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, [Online] Available:


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