Climate Change Toolkit

Publication date

24th November 2015


Lotifa Begum



The Islamic Climate Change Declaration Toolkit

How to use this toolkit

This toolkit will help equip you and your supporters to share the Islamic Climate Change Declaration with Muslims, people of faith and other stakeholders around the world. It is a simple and easy to use guide to get supporters to champion climate justice in your local community on a global issue that affects us all. Together, we hope this toolkit will help build a greener Muslim community globally which will act on the verse in the Qur’an where Allah reminds us that:

“He is the One who made you inheritors of the earth, and He raised some of you above others in rank, in order to test you in accordance with what He has given you.” (Qur’an 6:165)



Begum, L (2015), The Islamic Climate Change Declaration Toolkit, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, UK.


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