2011 Annual Waqf Report

Publication date

31st December 2011


Islamic Relief Waqf



Waqf Annual Report 2011


Waqf can provide help for almost all the needs of human society, but it relies on the generous people to sow the seeds for a better future. Islamic Relief Waqf has been growing continuously, funding projects in many parts of the world.

In this report, you will find a summary of projects implemented in 2011, which highlights how your kind contribution have benefited the vulnerable and needy people, and how it helped them to change their lives for better.

Sustainability is very important in Waqf, that’s why our projects aim to have sustainable outcomes too. We do that by empowering the poor to live better life with dignity, whether through training and longterm employment of women in Kosovo, or building durable houses for orphans in Bangladesh.




Islamic Relief Waqf. (2011). Waqf Annual Report 2011.  [Online] Available: http://www.irwaqf.org/pdf/WaqfAnnualReport20121.pdf


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