2013 Annual report

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31st December 2013


Islamic Relief Waqf



Waqf Annual Report 2013


For over thirteen years, Islamic Relief has enabled our generous supporters to change lives and transform communities worldwide through our Waqf programme.

In 2013, with your support and by the grace of Allah, Waqf delivered four projects benefiting poor and vulnerable people in five countries. Determined to maximise the long-term impact of our work and achieve lasting change, this year we focused in particular on integrated development, with a large project transforming multiple communities in Sudan.

Our project in West Darfur gave over 60,000 local people sustainable access to vital services such as water and health. Enabling vulnerable families to earn a decent living through livelihoods support, the empowering project also supported vulnerable and orphaned children to access the life-changing opportunities that quality education offers.




Islamic Relief Waqf. (2013). Waqf Annual Report 2013. Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, [Online] Available: http://www.irwaqf.org/pdf/Waqf_2013_Annual_Report_ENGLISH_WEB1.pdf


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